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January 19, 2003

"Refund Recovery"
((DoesFED EX and UPS Owe You Money????!!!!))
How would you like to recover thousands of dollars owed to you by Fed Ex or UPS? Are you aware that up to 10% of all pakages are delivered late?  When this happens you are owed a full refund.  The problem for you is it will take you hours of work to find which ones are owed a refund and then battling with Fed Ex or UPS to get the proper credit to your account.  Our system is fully automated, and we will do it for you.

To you this could mean:

* Money- it's yours only if you can claim it * No effort on your part - our system does     it for you.
* Reduced overnight cost - without                switching carriers.

Ask yourself this question:  Am I tired of walking away from my hard-earned money?  If you answered no, then call (706) 869-9571 for details, fair enough?

P.S.  How many opportunities do you get to put money in your pocket you never knew you had coming? Call(706)869-9571
- it might be the most profitable call you make today!