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Overview of Factoring:
Many businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses, have cash flow problems and find it difficult to wait 30, 60, or 90 days or longer to receive payment for products or services that they have already delivered.
Most of these businesses cannot access traditional bank financing without meeting strict and undesirable conditions, yet they need readily available cash to pay for the products and services they have delivered and regular operating expenses such as payroll and utilities. To meet this need for available cash, these businesses may sell their invoices at a discount. This is known as factoring. Factoring is basically the process of buying accounts receivable, or invoices, from businesses, collecting the money due under those invoices, and keeping part of it as a profit. More specifically, factoring is a legal relationship with a business, known as a client, who is selling goods or providing to trade customers. In this relationship, the factor purchases the client's invoices and administers them to one degree or another. However, factoring is not accounts receivable financing, a process by which a company obtains cash by pledging or assigning its accounts receivable to a bank or other lending institution as collateral security for a loan on which the company will pay interest. Factoring is usually not concerned with sales to consumers, and only those clients providing goods and services on credit terms, not usually exceeding four months, are acceptable to the factor. All businesses need cash flow. Especially small businesses. Even larger businesses have turned to factoring as a common business practice.

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Obtain a Loan of from $150,000 to5,000,000 based on the four assets that every company has.
!. Equipment,  2. Accounts Receivable, 3.  Inventory, 4.  RealEstate.
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