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Your Own Success Opportunities, By Title:

(1)  How To Get A Job Fast------------------------------------------($100.00)

(2)  How To Get Paid For Watching TV-(earn money while viewing
     your favorite shows)-----------------------------------------------($100.00)

(3)  Home-Based Business For Fun And Profit-(your guide to:  setting        up your own business at home)---------------------------------($150.00)

(4)  Earn Extra Dollar$ With A Home Based Answering Machine-
     (how to earn extra dollars weekly by:  running a home based
     answering service)-------------------------------------------------($250.00)

(5)  How To Buy A Car With Little Or No Credit----------------($100.00)

(6)  U.S. Government Auction Sales- The Money Maker Of The 90's-
     (for you an insider's handbook)---------------------------------($150.00)

(7)  How To Make $$$$Money$$$$ Without Leaving Your House------

(8)  Finding And Obtaining Grant Money-(an insider's guide)-----------
     (***See Overview***)--------------------------------------------($150.00)

(9)  How To Turn The Hobby Of Photography Into Thousands Of
     Extra Dollars-------------------------------------------------------($150.00)

(10)  How To Find Work With The Federal Government------($150.00)

(11)  Wills Or Trusts-(the case for living trusts and how to eliminate             the hassles of: probate,delays,and legal systems)-----------($100.00)

(12)  How To Make Thousands Of Dollar$ By Winning At Contests-----

(13)  Making Money At Garage Sale$, Swap Meet$, And Flea Market$
       -(an insider's guide)---------------------------------------------($150.00)

(14)  Getting Your Start In Theater, Television, And Movies--($100.00)

(15)  How To Write Almost Anything And Get Paid For It-(a beginners
       guide to freelance writing from your home)----------------($150.00)

(16)  How To Self-Publish Your Own Books-(manuals,reports,or news

(17)  How To Make Money At Home Using Your Personal Computer-

(18)  Growing Up Drug Free-(a parent's guide to prevention)-($100.00)

(19)  Home-Based Businesses For Fun And Profit--------------($100.00)

(20)  Helping Your Child With Homework For Parents Of Elementary
       And Junior High School Children----------------------------($100.00)

(21)  How To Trace FHA/HUD Mortgage Insurance Refunds($200.00)

(22)  How To Get The Job You Want Now!-----------------------($100.00)

(23)  Quick And Easy Ways To Make Money From Home-----($100.00)

(24)  Complete Guide To Lowering Your Mortgage-------------($150.00)

(25)  How To Make A Living As A Musician---------------------($100.00)

(26)  How To Get Paid To Shop-------------------------------------($100.00)

(27)  How To Get A Patent Quickly---------------------------------($150.00)

(28)  How To Make Big Money Buying And Selling Real Estate----

(29)  How To Save Big Money In Property Taxes----------------($200.00)

(30)  How To Turn Your Spare Time Into Cash------------------($150.00)

(31)  How To Beat A Speeding Ticket-------------------------------($50.00)

(32)  How To Stop Smoking Forever--------------------------------($50.00)

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To order any of the above listed items, send Cash or Money Order
plus $1.50 for Shipping and Handling to:

                 "Opportunity Information"
                 308 Marshall Street, Suite 3
                 Martinez, Georgia  30907-2521

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