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Selling a homeby "For Sale By Owner" or "Owner Held Financing" is, for most people, a frustrating and intimidating process. It doesn't have to be, in fact it can be a very profitable and painless endeavor if home sellers were simply aware of all of the options and techniques available to them. We will expose you to these tecniques and the options that are available through contract buyers.
A contract buyer is an individual or institutional investor that purchases privately held mortgages, notes, deeds of trust, land contracts and other contracts that are created when owner held financing is used. These investors, using a financial technique called simultaneous closing, make it possible for you to sell your home quickly, for top dollar, and receive all cash or a very large down payment at closing. This powerful selling technique can be explained in detail using several examples.
We will also expose the closely guarded marketing and home selling secrets used throughout the United States. You can use these same techniques without having to pay any real esatate commissions.
You will find, as most sellers do, that owner-held financing is the key to making a quick sale that results in a top dollar sale. This type of financing has become incresingly popular for two reasons First of all most of today's potential home buyers can't meet the strict bank-financing lending criteria, Secondly, more people are becoming aware of this option and the many benefits that it offers.
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