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"We Welcome You To Join Us"
       ***The following Is A Listing Of Personal And
      Professional Documents That We Are Able To Prepare             For You (Preparation Includes Notary, If Required):

(1Advanced Health Care Directive.  (2) Advance Health Care-Revocation.  (3Affidavit Of Domicile.  (4Alimony-Demand For Payment.  (5Agreement Not To Disclose Trade Secrets.  (6Agreement With Independent Contractor.(7Agreement With Consultant.  (8Assignment Of Trademark.  (9Assignment Of Copyright.  (10Assignment Guarantying Performance Of Contract-General Form.  (11Agreement For Sale Of Automobile.  (12Agreement For Sale Of Assets-Short Form.  (13Bill Of Sale.  (14Bill Of Sale-Motor Vehicle.  (15Business Entity Planning Work Sheet.  (16Bond Of Performance.  (17Business Credit Application.  (18Bill Of Sale Of Automobile By Individual To Individual.  (19Child Care Authorization.  (20Child Care Instructions.  (21Child Support-Demand For Payment.  (22Codicil To Will.  (23Complaint Letter-Company.  (24Complaint Letter-Consumer.  (25) Confidentiality Agreement.  (26)  Consulting Agreement. (27Corporate Proxy.  (28Corporate Worksheet.  (29Credit-Challenge To Denial Of Credit.  (30Credit Card Injury.  (31Credit Report Challenge.  (32) Credit Report Request.  (33Covenant Not To Sue-Short Form.  (34Consumer Loan Application.  (35Commercial Lease.  (36Combined Separation, Property Settlement, Support And Custody.  (37) Community Property Agreement That Earnings Remain Separate.  (38Demand For Money Owed.  (39Demand Note.  (40Employee Death Benefits Letter.  (41Employment Acceptance Letter.  (42Employment Agreement.  (43Employment Agreement-Short Form.  (44Employment Confirmation Letter.  (45Equip-ment Lease.  (46Estate Planning Worksheet.  (47Eviction Notice Work-sheet.  (48Exhibit.  (49Escrow Agreement.  (50Final Notice Before Legal Action.  (51Fictitious Business Name Application-General Form.  (52General Receipt.  (53General Form Of Partnership Agreement.  (54Grant
Deed-General Form.  (55Grant Deed Creating Tenancy In Common-Equal Shares.  (56Grant Deed Creating Joint Tenancy-With Covenants.  (57Guaranty.  (58Health Care Power of Attorney.  (59Health Care Power of Attorney-Revocation.  (60Home Evaluation Worksheet.  (61Home Purchase Worksheet.  (62Home Sale Worksheet.  (63)Homeowner's Association Proxy.(64Intent To Purchase Real Estate.  (65Installment Note-Joint Note.  (66)Indemnity Agreement-General Form.  (67Landlord's Notice To Enter Premises.  (68Late Rent Notice.  (69Letter To School.  (70License Agreement.  (71Life Insurance Proceeds Letter.  (72Living Trust.  (73Living Trust-Joint.  (74Living Will.  (75Living Will-Revocation.  (76LeaseOf House-Unfurnished.  (77Lease Of Apartment-Furnished.  (78MedicalRecords-Authorization To Transfer.  (79Medical Records-Request.  (80Memorial Services.  (81Minutes.  (82Moving Checklist.  (83Non-Compete Agreement.  (84Notice Of Meeting.  (85Nonmarital Cohabitation Agreement.  (86Note In Series.  (87Notice To Bank To Stop Payment OnCheck.  (88Notice Of Dishonor Of Check.  (89Notice Of Termination-Tenancy At Will-By Lease.  (90Organ Donation Form.  (91Organ DonationForm-Refusal.  (92Personal Fact Sheet.  (93Pour-Over Will.  (94Power Of Attorney-General.  (95Power Of Attorney-Revocation.  (96Power Of Attorney-Special.  (97Prehospital Do-Not-Resuscitate Guide.  (98PremaritalAgreement.  (99Promissory Note.  (100Postnuptual  Poperty Agreement.  (101Partnership Agreement-Short Form.  (102) Permission To Quote FromCopyrighted Work.  (103Pro-Forma Statement Of Assets And liabilities.  (104)Pro-Forma Profit And Loss Statement.  (105)  Quitclaim Deed.  (106Real Estate Lease-    Commercial.  (107Real Estate Lease-Residential.  (108Real Estate Lease-Residential-- (Short Form).  (109Rental Application.  (110Renter's Inspection Worksheet.  (111Response To IRS Notice.  (112Response To IRS Penalty.  (113) Response To Payment Request.  (114Rental Agreement Month-To-Month Tenancy.  (115Rules And Regulations.  (116Revocation Of Guaranty.  (117SmallClaims Worksheet.  (118Stock Power.  (119Stop Payment Of Check.  (120Substitute Tax Form W-9.  (121Survivor Checklist.  (122TradeMark Application.  (123Three-Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit.  (124Unanimous Consent.  (125Waiver Of Notice.  (126Will-Married With
Adult Children.  (127Will-Married No Children.  (128Will-Parent With Adult Children.  (129Will-Parent With Minor Children.  (130Will-Remarried
W/Adult Children.  (131Will-Remarried W/Minor Children.  (132Will-
Standard Will.  (133Work For Hire Agreement.  (134Warranty Deed By
Individual To Joint Tenants.  (135Warranty Deed.

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